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Subject: Loss of a True Friend

Dear Member:

I know that many of us are already aware of this, but I feel that I must send out this message to make sure that no one is uninformed.

Last night, Friday, January 30, 2004 Pastor Doug Madi unexpectedly passed away.

At this time, details regarding his passing, wake and funeral are unknown. I will follow-up with that information as soon as I have knowledge of it.

I met Doug in 1999, when we first started fighting to keep a casino out of south St. Louis County. He stopped by my office on Thursday afternoon and we talked for quite some time.

As usual, Doug's schedule for this coming week was really booked up. He mentioned he had to teach bible class one night and his daughter had a program scheduled for Wednesday night, the same night as the casino meeting at Mehlville High School.

He said that he had to be at his daughters event, but he did not want to miss the casino meeting which he considered to be very important, as well.

Over these past four or five years, Doug was consistently dedicated to fighting the expansion of the casinos. I do not believe that he would want us to stop for a moment just because his time has come to move on.

The meeting is still scheduled for Tuesday night and we certainly need to be at the meeting at Mehlville High School on Wednesday night. Otherwise, all those evenings that Doug spent fighting the casinos, instead of being at home with his family were wasted.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me.

Don Cannon South County First