Exposing the Dark Side of Gambling Addiction




MI - A small-business owner, had just returned from a trip to the Las Vegas ... when he allegedly killed his pregnant wife and three children (under 7 years old) before turning the gun on himself. In his Mich., home, police found a suicide note blaming gambling addiction - and $225,000 in shredded casino markers. His business was $500,000 in debt because he withdrew the money to cover his gambling.
Las Vegas Sun 11/22/00 Las Vegas Review-Journal 11/23/00

...woman whose baby, left in a car while she was gambling, died of heatstroke... Australia's politicians discover that explosion in popular gambling can prove a bad bet for society news.ft.com/servlet /5/07.04

NJ - An 11-year-old Herndon girl died yesterday after initially surviving the slayings of her mother and brother and the suicide of her father, who authorities now say had defrauded area banks of nearly $2 million and had $10 million in gambling and other debts.
Washington Post 8/6/98

Further confirmation of the negative impacts of gambling to society is illustrated in the case against an Illinois mother, who has been accused of killing her 7- week-old baby allegedly to collect insurance money for her gambling habit.
Chicago Tribune 1/26/99

IL - A Naperville man wanted for questioning in the slaying of his ex-wife crashed his sport-utility vehicle into a semi truck on a rain-soaked road in rural Iowa Wednesday morning, killing himself and his 6-year-old daughter. John Scherer's history of drinking and gambling in part led to the collapse of his marriage,...
"Father, daughter die in crash Manhunt for Naperville man wanted in wife's killing ends on slick Iowa highway"/By Mike Cetera & John Zaremba/Daily Southtown/7.11.02

IL- A woman bent on feeding her gambling addiction suffocated her 7-week-old daughter to collect on a $200,000 life insurance policy, federal prosecutors said. "She would do anything to get money with which to gamble - including the unthinkable,"...
"Feds: Mom Killed Over Casino Debt"/Las Vegas SUN/AP/1.23.99/

LV - The issue of unattended children has gained attention since the May 25 murder and sexual assault (rape) of 7-year-old Sherrice Iverson of Los Angeles. She was left alone in the arcade of the Primm Valley Hotel in Primm, southwest of Las Vegas, while her father gambled into the early morning hours. "Gaming group discusses unattended children in casinos"/By Angie Wagner/Associated Press/2.28.98 The police report stated Ben died after losing control of his car due to mechanical failure. Actually Ben died after losing control of his life to gambling. It started as an innocent after-school poker game and ended with his car wrapped around a tree.
Seattle Post Intelligencer/Teens are gambling with their lives/12.08.05

In the end, Steve's trips (his senior year in high school) cost him $10,000 -- his entire savings. But dealing with his parents was even more painful. "My mom -- uncontrollable crying," he stated. "My dad--absolute disbelief. What they actually did was blame it on themselves." Franzese (Assistant Athletic Director Univ. of Central Florida) said, "You don't hear about the University of Wisconsin student who murdered three people over a gambling debt and then hung himself in his jail cell on the eve of his trial -- and it was all because he had a gambling problem. You're not hearing about these things -- kids struggling in school, dropping out of school, getting caught in criminal activity because they owe money to bookmakers."
WDC Media News, Los Angeles/Gambling: The 'Silent' Addiction among Teens/4.20.06

Minutes after three Jackson teens appeared in court today on murder charges, the brother of the man they are accused of shooting said he believes the three robbed and killed Jonathan Harris over gambling money. "I talked to my brother on the phone, and he told me he was gambling with them," said Octavius Harris.
Gambling alleged as factor in city's most recent homicide By Kelli Esters/www.clarionledger.com/1/20/06

According to the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery (www.addictionrecov.org /youthgam.htm) and other sources, 80 percent or more of those between 12 and 17 say they have gambled in the past 12 months, with one third of them gambling at least once a week. Her son began gambling in high school and then got even more serious about it at a Snohomish County Indian casino. Throughout his 20s he was hooked on gambling and heavily in debt. He eventually entered a rehab program. But three months after that ended, and so far in debt he couldn't afford to properly maintain his car, he died in an auto accident that McCausland says was due to the car's condition.
Time to Fold 'Em/columbian.com/ 1.17.06

Deputies say a 17-year-old in Fort Lauderdale murdered another teen over a $25 scratch-off lottery ticket.
Fort Lauderdale Teen Charged With Killing Teen Over Lottery Ticket/www.news4jax.com/7/30/05

A 16-year-old was deep in depression and got caught forging checks. He was so scared of going to jail that he jumped out the courthouse window from the 16th floor and died.
Teens especially vulnerable to gambling addiction/San Bernadino Couty Sun December 31, 2003

A Long Island teen who had a "death wish" because of a $6,000 World Series gambling debt used a $1.75 toy gun to force cops to shoot and kill him, police said yesterday.
New York Post/11/16/97

...a 19-year-old college dropout, Jason Berg, shot himself to death in June 1994, despairing over a budding gambling habit.
Los Angeles Times/6/22/97